The Others

Interactive Video Installation
303 pictures, loop, Sensor

I installed a camera with automatic shutter equipment and set it to take two pictures per minute automatically. From 11:00pm to 01:30am approximately, it took 316 pictures in total, all-lights-on to all-lights-off (several of the last pictures have been edited). I selected 303 pictures with used motion sensors for making the work called “The Others”. In an exhibition I hid the sensor under the screen, which can sense the distance between people and the screen. When the distance between the audience and the screen is more than one meter, the screen will show the video with many people in their rooms, having a rest or being busy doing something, with all lights on. When the audience comes close to the screen, all the lights turn off gradually, and finally only a street remains lit in the dark. When the audience walks away from the screen, all the lights begin to turn on little by little, and people begin to move again.

Image courtesy of Bergen Kjøtt gallery.